“Wait Up” To be patient oh what a beautiful mystery. Some of us have lots of it, while others simply can’t seem to catch it even if temperance chased us, tackled and wrestled us to the ground and gave us a great big hug. It’s a virtue that is not only needed but necessary in our everyday lives.  We need a bit of it to help us navigate through a long work day. At times we need a little more while navigating through jammed packed traffic. When we finally make it home we may need a great, big,  heaping cup of it to sustain us before climbing in bed to get some much needed rest. Keeping our composure while dealing with the realism of life may have us reflecting on the trials of Job (Job 1st chapter) Although, we know our list of challenges may pale in comparison to what he endured. We may sometimes feel absolutely overwhelmed and yes even under attack.  So what do we do when snatching our ball and running home can’t ever be the option? Where do we go when we can’t pack our nap sack and simply run away? How do we endure if we are lacking the strength, the will, the fortitude?  Well, Exodus 14:14 tell us that God will fight for us, and for us to be at peace. Psalm 40:1 reminds us that when we wait patiently for the Lord he will incline unto us and hear our cry. We are to rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer (Romans 12:12). Even when it seems that our attempt to capture a bit of calm seems so far off we must count it all joy and be steadfast knowing that we are growing our faith (James 1:2-4) We must know that it is okay that we ask God for help and guidance. When you are able to steal a short moment to yourself it’s whisper, it’s me it’s me it’s me oh God standing in the need of prayer. In Philippians 14:7 God promises us a peace that surpasses all understanding. Life gets tough and we find ourselves using every bit of all we know to keep it all together and mustering what strength we have left to hold on and hold out. In our push we must learn how to allow God to pick us up, to help us up to teach us patience. His vow to love us gives us the right to cry aloud. God, My God, my redeemer, he who loves, he who heals, he who comforts, he who saves, the joy of my salvation, Wait up, ”Do not pass me by” (Genesis 18:3) Affirmations: Bold:  I will appeal to God in time of need. Blessed: God said that he will be my very present help. Bossy: I trust that he cares for me and I will surrender and embrace his love. Writer, Angela Christina www.BoldBlessedBossy.com @BoldBlessedBossy Thank you so much!!!!

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