Healthy Tips While Quarantined by Tonya Gilbert

The word quarantined is defined as “a state, period, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed”. (Oxford) During this global quarantine, many of us have found ourselves no longer using basic survival skills and becoming stressed and overwhelmed.

Think about a time when you felt trapped. Consider your state of mind while going through the process. Were you at peace? Were you rigid? Were you impatient or impulsive? Were you calm and quiet? Were you observant and receptive? Well, it’s always good to self-evaluate when you are feeling pressured or challenged because it is at these times that we can make life-altering decisions that may have positive or negative consequences. This is why we should avoid making decisions when we are stressed.

“Studies in both animals and people show pretty clearly that stress can affect how the brain functions” per Dr. Kerry Ressler, chief scientific officer at McLean Hospital and professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. ( If this is true then we all should begin to take a considerable amount of time with stress-management. Allowing the small stuff to obscure rationality or to allow fear to transcend your faith can be a very unhealthy space. As a result, I want to provide you with five very important stress-management tools to tuck away in your survival kits to use as often as possible:

1. Learn and practice relaxation techniques;

Prayer, meditation, yoga, or exercise are great outlets for stress-management.

With better stress-management, you will have more time to focus on the

positive people and things going on in your life.

2. Keep a positive attitude

For every negative thought, there is an opposing view. Always stop to

consider the exact opposite of what you are thinking and always challenge

your own views.

3. Make time for relaxation, creativity and the things you enjoy.

Writing in your journal or writing a book can allow you to purge and

create. Spending time reading, opens you up to a new world of imagination

and learning new ideas while staying sharp intellectually. Allow yourself

down-time because you deserve it.

4. Eat healthy, well-balanced meals

Plant-based foods are great foods to obtain energy, mental clarity and a strong

immune system. Challenge yourself to adopt a 80% alkaline diet (fruits, nuts

seed and vegetables) while only permitting yourself to consume 20% meats and

breads. This diet will allow for better moods, easier digestion and will

reduce inflammation. As a result, you will feel your best ever.

5. Get at least 8 hours of sleep

Your body recovers and your protective cells regenerate while

asleep. Without rest, your health suffers and eventually disease will

settle in.

We all could use a deep breath, more rest, healthy foods and a moment of laughter. Oh! Let’s not forget about drinking lots and lots of water too. Water flushes your system and allows for easy digestion and detoxification.

Starting today, tell yourself it’s ok to put yourself first and to do what is best for you. Why wait? You are only postponing a well-deserved lifestyle of self-healing, self-care and self-love. You, my dear, are worth it! Be good to yourself!

Tonya Gilbert, MPA-C

Wellness Advocate

Founder of GrowGurl

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