Heels Global Magazine  is searching for the most inspiring stories submitted in video form to post on the "Inspired" page of our website.   We want to share your stories of triumph, overcoming obstacles, your success stories and stories that will inspire others to achieve their goals. 


Your story will be shared exclusively with our Global Members with an opportunity to be featured on the home page of our magazine for 1 (one) month.   


Please upload your "video" presentation telling us  your story (written or audio stories will not be accepted on this platform).  Videos will be selected based on presentation, video quality, story content, relevant content to our viewing audience and brand. 

Videos must not exceed five (5-7) minutes in length and must be 720 or 1080 in resolution.   By uploading a video you agree to allow Heels Global Magazine to post your video on our websites as well as any of our social media platforms and use your video for marketing purposes.

Upload your video content on your Google Drive and send to brtycapublishing@gmail.com.  Please include a separate email which includes. The title of your video, as well as your contact information.   Please make your file shareable with us.  

You will be notified via your email address if your video has been selected.




Contact Us:

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Phone:  216-200-6347


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